The First Yama: Nonviolence From a Yogic Perspective

the first yama

The very first step on Patanjali’s eight-limbed path of yoga is the first yama: ahimsa. The word means nonviolence or non-harming. It can also be thought of as kindness. Understanding the First Yama Practicing ahimsa means doing no harm. We take care to act with kindness toward other people, other beings, and the universe itself. … [Read more…]

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Dee’s Story: Going Within and Finding The Breath

by Dolores Andalkar As a young dancer, I was always intrigued with stretching in class before our dance practice. But more so, the breath. I remember at a very young age enjoying the stretch with breath and feeling that with every breath, I felt at home. My thoughts and worries seemed to be pushed to the back … [Read more…]

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