Honoring Our Yoga Teachers: Who Will Guide Your Journey?

honoring our yoga teachers

In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali warns us of the pitfalls of attachment. Non-attachment, we learn, is a powerful spiritual practice. Human beings tend to hold tight to what we believe is ours: possessions, identity, the attention we believe we deserve. We may even cling to honoring our yoga teachers. Patanjali tells us we must let … [Read more…]

How to Deal with People: What the Yoga Sutras Say About Relationships

how to deal with people

The Yoga Sutras are packed with wisdom. The goal is Self-realization, but along the way, we can use the wisdom of the sutras in everyday life. While we’d love to be enlightened beings all the time, we’re human. One way the sutras help us with our humanness is by teaching us how to deal with … [Read more…]